Live4Gadgets Slow Soft Close Toilet Seats White, Top Fixing, Stay Tight Toilet Lid Oval Shape, Heavy Duty Urea-Formaldehyde Anti-Bacterial Material Hygienic Easy to Clean for Bathroom Washroom Home

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  • 🚽 SOLID CONSTRUCTION - Toilet seats are used regularly which is why you need one that is durable. With a thermoset lid and seat, our toilet bowl seat will last several years without needing replacement.
  • 🚽 CONVENIENT TO USE - This toilet seat has auto-close ABS cylinders to save you time from lowering the seat after every use. This soft close mechanism also minimises noise when closing the lid.
  • 🚽 UNIVERSAL FIT - Measuring 45 x 37.5 x 5 cm, this soft close toilet seat is suitable for most toilet bowls. When properly installed, it will securely latch onto the bowl without moving.
  • 🚽 HASSLE-FREE CLEANING - The best part about this toilet seat is its quick-release hinges. With one touch of a button, the seat will instantly be removed from the toilet, making cleaning easy.
  • 🚽 EASY TO INSTALL - Our quick-release toilet seat comes with all the fixings you need. For a fast attachment, insert the fittings, then adjust the hinges so they align with the toilet seat.
  • 🚽 Easy to Fit - With top fixing, it was pretty straightforward and gave good adjustment allowing it to adapt to a number of pans
  • 🚽 Sturdy and Comfortable - our new hinge system will always locate your fixing holes, the 4 non-slip buffers keep the seat from moving or shifting once it’s installed
  • 🚽 Universal O Shape Toilet Seat - Our modern white toilet seat is suitable for most of manufacturers' oval shape pans (fits blank holes between Φ12-17 mm). Please confirm the shape and size before ordering

Product Description

toilet seat with hinges

Upgrade your home with the Live4Gadgets Urea Formaldehyde Material featuring the Soft Close Mechanism toilet seat fittings. Experience the convenience and enhanced durability it brings to your living. Embrace a new standard of functionality and elegance with our innovative soft close toilet seat.


Suggestion for Choosing and Installing the Toilet Seat Perfectly



Fit For Oval Shape

Just make sure your toilet bowl is oval Shape.

Soft Close Mechanism
With the toilet seat soft close you can say goodbye to loud bangs and accidental slips of the toilet seat. Enjoy the benefits of a silent, controlled closing experience, improved safety, and hygienic convenience.

Measure Your Toilet

Confirm the size of your toilet bowl.

Hassle-Free Cleaning
The material is easy to clean with quick release toilet seat button. The material Urea Formaldehyde properties of the toilet seat covers make it a more hygienic option.

Top Fixing Quick Install

Insert the fittings as following (Do not tighten the screws totally at the beginning, keep them loose for adjustment).

Durable and Long-Lasting
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have invest in a high-quality bathroom fixtures and durable toilet seats that will withstand the demands of everyday use and provide you a reliable and sturdy seating solution.

Adjust Hinges and Tighten Screws

Adjust the hinges to align the toilet seat if not fit your toilet bowl perfectly.

the size of the hinge is 35mm

Customizable Comfort
A 360-degree adjustable mount typically refers to the ability to rotate or swivel the white toilet seat in a full circle, With the ability to rotate the seat, users can find their preferred angle for optimal comfort while sitting.

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